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We have had the opportunity to be involved in many Eco friendly builds incorporating:

Ground source heating systems

Air source heating systems

Rainwater harvesting systems

Underfloor heating

And on our recent Mill Tower project we have fitted a wind turbine and solar panels.

We work using the most up to date information and materials to ensure that your property is both economical and environmentally friendly.

We can offer advice on a range of environmentally friendly options.

Above and below: Installation of underfloor heating pipes

As well as the wind turbine the Mill Tower also had solar panels, a heat recovery system and air source heating.

Architect contacts:

David Benge Design Associates

Canterbury, Kent

Designer of the Mill Tower

Richard Bailey Associates

Bernard Smith

Woodchurch, Kent


Tel: 01233 860310

Designer of the Eco Centre

Useful websites:

Suppliers of underfloor heating.

 Suppliers of ground and air source heating systems.

Below: Ground source heating loops being installed.

These will use renewable energy to provide heating and hot water to the property.

Judge Architects


Tel: 01233 811682

R J Gibbs & Sons Ltd

We now make heat briquettes using waste sawdust from our joinery shop. They can be used in place of kindling, logs or coal to provide an efficient heat source from a waste product.

Please see our briquettes page for more information.

We can also supply a concrete crusher to recycle unwanted hardcore into crushed hardcore usable in bases etc.

Please visit our plant and crusher page for more details.

Geoffrey Bailey

Canterbury, Kent

Specialise in eco friendly projects and designer of the oast house project