We are now producing Briquettes suitable for open fires, wood burners, multi-fuel stoves, chimneas, fire pits etc.


Eco friendly - made entirely from a waste product

Easy to use - no more logs to chop and easy to store

Low smoke

Higher heat output than normal logs

Unfortunately due to new legislation we will not be selling our briquettes after the 1st May 2022

Heat Briquettes

Our briquettes are a natural product produced by compressing sawdust from our joinery workshop. This makes them a very eco friendly fuel source as they are created from a waste product. There are no additives or binding agents added to the sawdust.

Each briquette is approximately 55mm diameter and

range from 25 - 80mm long. This makes them small and

easy to handle while still producing a high heat output.


How to use our Briquettes:

Light your fire as you usually would with paper, kindling and/or firelighters and place the briquettes on the top as you would with logs or coal.

The briquettes create a roaring fire very quickly so the trick is to prevent the briquettes from burning through too quickly.

For woodburners we suggest that you put 8 – 12 briquettes on and let it flare. Once well alight shut the burner down as much as possible. We have found that you may not need to add more briquettes for an entire evening as once they have burnt down and are glowing they hold the heat for a long time. If you find that you do need to add more briquettes we suggest only adding a couple at a time.

For open fires we suggest adding few and often.

We would compare our briquettes to coal rather than logs, so as with a barbecue, the best heat is produced once the briquettes have stopped flaming and are glowing.

          From this

          To these

Each burner/fire draws differently so find the way that suits yours the best.

To order:

Due to new licencing regulations we are no longer selling our heat briquettes

Email: info@rjgibbs.co.uk

Tel: 01233 720378

Fax: 01233 720427

Our briquettes are produced from mixed sawdust from both softwood and hardwood so there may be variations in the products colour and size, although we aim to keep them approximately 50mm long.

As there are no additives to the sawdust you may also find that with prolonged storage the edges of the briquettes may crumble slightly.